Bloomberg L.P. x Cornell Tech

• Developed a matchmaking platform on mobile device by using React Native
• motivated professionals to do volunteer during their free times by designing gamification UI


• Constructed dome-shaped head-mounted display prototype to offer ultra wide field-of-view and better VR immersive experiences
• Offered natural 3D effect without using binocular parallax


• Pioneered augmented reality microscope system supervised by ophthalmologist
• Used for biological research and surgical training with object tracking, interactive guidance, and remote control function for educational use


• Established the largest carpooling matchmaking platform with 4000+ members and 500+ monthly active users, featuring ranking system and location-based service

3D Printing Project

• Developed GEAR module plug-in of open-source CAD software "FreeCAD" for children to create and modify models for 3D printing in digital art class


• 1st Prize - International ICT Innovative Services Contest