NTU World Volunteer Society

• Director - 2013 Summer Hualien Volunteer Project
• Network Manager - NTU World Volunteer Society 
• Led 20+ volunteer team members to build connections with NGOs in Hualien
• Maintained official website and created Facebook Page with 500+ fans
• Innovated courses and conducted remedial teaching for students in Hualien and Mumbai
• Constructed knowledge management system and integrated alumni connections

SIGGRAPH Asia - Student Volunteer

• Computer Graphics Top Conference Student Volunteer
• Capture all the exciting moments of student volunteers during the conference for the SV documentary and finish several interviews for Program Chairs of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2014/2015 conference.

Social Service at WanAn Elementary School

• Designed webapp and website for learning knowledge of disaster prevention
• Made a documentary film for graduation challenge trip
• Taught students about VR/AR, programming, new technologies
• Collaborated with teachers for administrative work and maintained safety of students